Are the sounds audible to humans?
Yes. We use regular sounds that are ordinarily audible.

Will the sounds annoy my neighbors?
The CD plays a different sound every minute. We recommend a low volume for the CD as well so its more than likely your neighbors won’t even know you’re using it. At the end of the day it’s definately no where near as bad as a loud cawing crow!

Will it affect other birds?
Crow Away has been developed so that it only has an affect on Crows, Ravens, Currawongs and Jackdaws. All other birds will not be affected and in many cases we see more natives move into the area once the crows have dispersed.

How Do I use the Crow Away CD?
Using the CD is very easy. Simply insert the CD into your CD Player, Computer or other CD playing device. From here place your speakers preferably on top of your roof, otherwise out of a window pointing up in the air on an angle. Press Play on the CD and watch the crows leave!

How long does the CD usual take to become effective?
In most cases you will notice Crow numbers drop off within minutes but within 20-30 minutes you will find that all the crows will most likely have left. To help keeping them from returning we recommend you play the CD for an initial couple of day until the crows are completely gone.

What are the best times to play the CD?
Crows can be loud all day long but you will find that they are at their loudest early in the morning and then right on dusk. Playing the CD during these times and just before they roost in the trees is the best time to play the CD but we’d recommend playing it throughout the day.

Is it safe if I have pets?
Absolutely. The CD is targeted at deterring Crows and you will find that in no way does it harm or threaten your pets as well as chickens and guinea pigs.

What is the most effective way to setup the speakers?
We recommend placing the speakers on the OPPOSITE side of the house as to where the problem crows are. This way the crows will not see the speaker system and will only hear the CD sound faintly which is really all it needs to be effective!

Is the CD loud and will it irritate my neighbors?
No. The Crow Away CD actually works best on a medium-low speaker volume and only plays sounds every minute or so. In most cases it most likely the neighbors won’t hear the CD at all (which might be a pity as they won’t know who to thank for getting rid of the crows!)

How quickly is the Crow Away sent out once I purchase?
We process all purchases and post them within 24 hours to ensure you can start using the product as early as possible!

What if the CD doesn’t work?
In most cases we find that the speaker system has not been setup correctly and without the correct setup it reduces the chances of success. If the CD has not helped deter crows from your property please let us know and we will try to help out as best we can. If all else fails we offer a 30-day money back guarantee for extra peace of mind!